10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Small Business Websites

Back in the early days of the internet, new websites would have to be hand crafted from scratch – there were no pre-built platforms available. Nowadays, businesses are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of platforms and frameworks that can be used as scaffolding – you may already be aware of systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Magento.

WordPress started life as a simple platform where people could post web logs, or ‘blogs’, about the topic of their choice. As with most things, many years and much development later, some people still insist on using WordPress to show what they had for breakfast or their latest hairstyle, but others have turned it into a very capable platform for building serious business websites – here’s why:

1) Easy to DIY

WordPress makes it easy to maintain and update your website –  if you want to change a phone number or add a new team member you can do it yourself – there’s no need to call on your website designer to rebuild pages for you. Even if you have never managed a site before, there are loads of video tutorials available showing exactly how to do everything in WordPress.

2) Give your site a facelift whenever you like

Need to change the design of your site after a rebrand? Fancy adding a touch of festivity at Christmas? As the way your site looks is kept completely separate from the actual content, you can use a WordPress feature called themes to quickly change its appearance, keeping it looking fresh and current. So often companies keep the same site all year round, but with WordPress it’s just a click to change to a different theme and back to the original look when required.

3) Quickly add new features

WordPress uses ‘plugins’ – a built-in extension system that can be added with a few clicks, enabling you to slot in whole new realms of features with minimal fuss. There are thousands of free plugins already available and a wide range of premium ones which can do anything  – from selling products through to broadcasting live events  – without needing a new website to be built.

4) Search engines love WordPress

Everyone wants to make sure their site is easy to find in search engines, and WordPress is great for this straight out of the box. There are also several plugins which make it a world class platform for SEO and help to ensure your content ranks well. We  recommend the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

5) Save money

Having it built your site on WordPress means you’ll start off with everything you need – minus any special custom functionality – so your costs will be significantly less than if you were to have a whole bespoke site built from scratch.

It’s easy enough for individuals to set up personal blogs without any prior knowledge or technical support, but if you have a business and want a professional, functional site it’s essential to call in the experts. At Zeta we understand not only how to make sites look the part, but also help brands achieve their commercial objectives with a website designed to convert visitors and increase revenue online.

6) Different media made simple

Years ago, all websites tended to look the same: it was all about static images and plain text. The modern internet has changed a lot and people now expect websites to communicate with them using a variety of formats. WordPress makes it simple to include multiple media types into your website – be it a product video or a testimonial soundbyte or your latest PDF press release; you decide which method best gets your message across on each page of your site.

7) Grows with your company

Traditional websites can quickly become stale and out of date. When a new division is added to the company or a new service offering is developed, you may have a fight on your hands for budget to get the site changed. With WordPress it’s simple to add new pages or sections to the site yourself at any time.

8) Manage from anywhere

Because WordPress has such a large community of users, people have already created tools that allow you to update and manage your site from anywhere. There are mobile apps available for Android and Apple devices – so if you had a power cut at the office, you could log in from your mobile, quickly let clients know what’s happening and provide emergency contact details.

9) Multiple users

WordPress makes it easy for different people to access and update the site – it’s possible to give each user varying abilities or place limitations on their account. This is great when you want to enable certain team members to add new content but restrict what others can see or do while still allowing them to update their own information.

10) Easy upgrades

Simple one-click updates allow you to upgrade WordPress and your themes or plugins to the latest version at any time. WordPress regularly makes changes and add new features that fix any potential security issues. This simple upgrade process helps keep your site safe and secure.

So – all evidence considered, we think WordPress ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating a site that offers flexibility and value for money, with great potential for SEO. When working on client web build projects, Zeta uses the same technology as the world’s leading brands – which is why we choose WordPress.

About the Author: Sarah Pantry is the Lead Developer for Zeta, specialists in CMS web design. Sarah joined Zeta after honing her skills in the systems department of a major European ISP.


  1. your tips are really commendable. even facebook is helpful for small business sites. thanks.

  2. i use wordpress becuase it is easily customizable and i without any development knowledge managing my site. so the best point for me is easy to DIY and thanks for this useful info.

  3. I agree Sarah! I would always tell WordPress is the best CMS ever! There are tons of Free/Premium Themes and Plugins, and even developing customs ones are not that hard! Awesome article! Cheers :)

  4. You have given some interesting tips for using wordpress for small business but in my opinion and experience, it is very well suited for any kind of business. I have seen some big names also using wordpress as a platform.

  5. I do agree with all your points sarah. WordPress is one of the best platform for those who run Small websites.

  6. Yeah i agreed. WordPress is very useful CMS Tool. its really useful for small business companies. easy to use and customize