Surefire ways to increase website traffic

Surefire ways to increase website traffic

Is your website gathering dust without readers/visitors? Do you want to learn ways to increase traffic to your website? Who doesn’t want more traffic to their websites. Here are some strategies to increase traffic to your website immediately.

1. Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest has been able to grow into a hugely popular social media website in a very short time. It is very popular among women. One can “pin” images, products, webpages and share them with their friends and followers.

Surefire ways to increase website traffic

2. Twitter Traffic

Twitter is one of the latest crazes in social media. After being embraced by geeks, it is gaining mass acceptance and become popular like Facebook. As Twitter is all about real-time news and views, it is a perfect place to get targeted traffic to your websites and salepages.

Like other popular social media, Twitter is a powerful platform for communicating with your audience, build reputation, directing traffic to your websites and creating relationships with industry leaders. Keep tweeting and conversing with others. Use #Hashtags to allow others easily spot you. If there is some hot and trending topic, tweet and join others in the conversation. Use #Hashtags and get involved with the crowd.

3. YouTube Videos

The video sharing website is very old, but it is still one of the most popular website for people looking to get entertained. Google search also lists YouTube videos on the top, so it makes a good medium to attract traffic.

You can create a screencast with screen-recording software. Alternatively, create a slideshow with voiceover. Of course, you can shoot videos.

Don’t just upload videos. Interact! Find popular videos and add your videos as video responses. Search for popular videos and create responses for them. You will definitely get some portion of the traffic to the original video.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to gain authority and exposure while driving traffic to your websites. It also provides you backlinks, which are great for SEO. Some popular blogs also pay for guest articles.

You need to find a popular blog for guest blogging and write an interesting article for their target audience. Add an interesting author description with links to your websites and social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Mail this article to the target website.

Guest blogging allows you to bring your blog to a whole new set of readers. You will also gain trust. A guest post on a popular blog can drive lots of free traffic to your site. You can find blogs looking for guest blogs and guest articles on For the top blogs, you will have to visit the respective websites and pitch your idea/article after familiarising yourself with the target website.

5. Trackbacks – Pingbacks

Trackbacks are links pointing fom your website to someone else’s website, giving them credit for their work or adding as a recommendation. These trackbacks are often listed on the target websites, which can drive in traffic.

To create Trackbacks, you will have to turn it on in your WordPress website.  Go to Dashboard-> Settings-> Discussion, and check the box against “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article”. You can also add Trackback URLs when publishing a post in WordPress.

6. Content Syndication

If you can have your content published on multiple popular websites and news sources, you can get a lot of traffic to your website through attribution links or links to full content. Normally, all content is protected by copyright. You can publish your articles with a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which allows others to republish your articles along with proper attribution and hyperlinks. If your content is interesting, you can soon have hundreds of websites republishing your content and building your brand. You will also see an increased flow of traffic to your website.

You can start content syndication using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Send your RSS feeds to feed search engines such as, and

7. Article Marketing

Article marketing involves writing articles and publishing them on article directories such as These article websites are visited by a large number of web users and the content also gets published with attribution. Make sure to have a well written description of yourself along with a few links for your author profile/resource box. Again, if you provide quality articles, you are likely to see the benefits soon.

8: Forum Marketing

Popular online forums get truck loads of traffic. Some popular forums can have as high as 10,000 users visiting it at any instance. You can join forums that are relevant to your niche and start contributing to it. Do not spam. Interact with other users, be helpful and add value to the forum. Most forums allow you to add descriptions and links in your profile and signature. You can use it to attract new visitors. If you are seen as a knowledgeable and helpful person, other users of the forum would like to checkout your website and/or offerings.

9. Document Sharing

Several websites such as and allow you to share books, articles and presentations with others. This offers a great opportunity to offer quality articles, ebooks, PDFs and presentations with people to build brand and generate interest in your website. You can also use your existing content to create ebooks and presentations. Don’t forget to add some teaser text and links to bring people on your website.

10. Podcasting

Human voice has the ability to influence people more easily than written words. If you talk to a person, you have a better chance of getting along as you are able to convey your feelings and vibes through air waves. It makes the listener have more confidence in you.

A podcast is an audio-video broadcast which people can listen to or watch on computers as well as mobile devices such as an iPod. There are several podcast forums and websites such as and to help reach a larger audience.

Creating a podcast can be really simple. All you need is a microphone and a voice recording/editing software such as Audacity (free software) installed on your computer.

Implement the above mentioned strategies and see how traffic starts tricking to your website. The larger the scale of execution, the higher will be the traffic flow. You won’t have to wait to see a sudden spurt in traffic to your website or blog. Best of luck!


  1. Pritam, very useful tips. You really research well. Value for time spent reading your post!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I have been using trackbacks for a long time now and they really work for me.

  3. Just on those ways to get traffic is good enough but it’s may take some time to get some good results.