10 Ways to Build High PR Backlinks Quick

10 Ways to Build High PR Backlinks Quick

Get High Page Rank BacklinksBacklinks are one of the most important things in your quest to reach the first page of Google search results and then dominate the top position. In this article, I will share some easy methods to build high Page Rank backlinks.

It is imperative that you get more backlinks to your website for SEO, Google wants your websites to get natural backlinks, which is difficult to come by. Even if you get backlinks naturally, it might not be enough to get on the first page of search results. So there is no getting away from artificial backlinks to rank on search engines, but we must make it look natural to Google. If Google thinks your website is getting backlinks through artificial methods, the website might get penalised.

Even if you need to beat your competitior who has 1 million backlinks (some websites do), you cannot start adding thousands of backlinks the first day of your website’s existence. You need a long-term plan for building more backlinks than your competitor without getting penalised by Google for manipulating backlinks. A seasoned blogger or SEO expert will start with some basic warm-up backlink strategies. Starting with a few backlinks a day, the number of backlinks will be gradually increased.

Some basic strategies for building high Page Rank backlinks include:

1. Leaving comments on websites and blogs: Several websites and blogs are popular and have high authority in eyes of Google and other search engines. Search for high authority websites and blogs in your website’s niche and leave comments with your website URL. Even if the links are “no-follow”, you can expect some good results.

2. Submitting press releases: Press releases can be very effective in getting a large number of backlinks in one go. Many press release distribution websites such as Prlog.com allow you to submit releases for free. However, you might not be able to have a backlink with the desired anchor text. Upgrade to a paid service and you will have the option to insert links with desired anchor text.

3. Writing guest articles for popular blogs and websites: This one can be a time-consuming method for building backlinks, but it is very effective in getting some Google juice as well as carving a reputation and getting popular among netizens. If you hire someone to write articles, you can have a high Page Rank backlink for $2-5. It is very cheap when you compare it with paid backlinks, which can be $10-100 per month or even more expensive.

4. Submit articles to blog networks: Several SEO experts make use of their own website networks with multiple domains hosted on different servers with a variety of IP addresses and locations. From theses websites, they give link to their main websites and boost their rankings. It is a very effective method, but it cost a lot of money to run and maintain multiple websites. Looking at the demand for such website networks, some entrepreneurs offer services like “Build My Rank” where you can submit spinned versions an article on multiple websites and get backlinks. You pay a fee to use their network.

5. Submitting articles to online directories: Article directory websites like Ezine have lost their old glory, but these still remain a good source of Google juice. Write an interesting article and submit it to these websites. Most article directories want the articles to be unique, so make sure to spin and create multiple “unique” versions to submit to different websites.

6. Sharing videos on video-sharing websites: YouTube and other video-sharing websites can work wonders. Most of these have a high Page Rank and attract huge traffic. You can convert your articles in videos. Put some text in different slides, add some music and effects to have a cool video. In the video as well as the video description, add the URL to a related webpage of your website. Make videos interesting enough so that the viewer feels obligated to click the link and visit your website. This way you have a high PR backlink as well as a good source of traffic.

7. Share documents and slides: Like videos, sharing documents, PDFs and presentation slides can be used to get high PR backlinks and visitors. Convert your article into a PDF file using word processors such as Open Office or MS Word. Add your website name and URL in the PDF and upload it on websites such as Scribd. In the dosument description, add the URL of your website or webpage. similarly, you can convert your articles into presentations, add links to your website in the slides and share them on websites such as Slideshare. In a few minutes, you will have backlinks from several high PR websites.

8. Create WordPress themes for WordPress.org: Free WordPress themes can get you hundreds and thousands of backlinks from websites that use them. Most of these will be low PR websites, but a large volume of such links can give a massive boost to your website. If you can create themes that get accepted in the official WordPress.org repository, you get a couple of high PR backlinks from the theme details page as well as your profile page. Of course, it takes a lot of time (and money, if you hire someone to create a theme), but the results can be very rewarding. You can build themes for other content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Magento as well.

9. Social media websites: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are not just for getting fans and followers. If you set up your profile properly on these websites, you can get high PR backlinks from these websites.

10. Social sharing websites: Social sharing websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg do not only help you get viral traffic, you can also have high PR backlinks to multiple webpages of your website. Set up your profile properly and you get a backlink as well as regular flow of traffic.

If you follow these simple strategies to build backlinks, you will start dominating the search engine results in no time. Make sure that your SEO strategy includes as many of the above mentioned backlinking strategies as possible.


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    • Flow of authority or PR is like a huge chain of paper pins held together by a magnet. The pins do not have any magnetic property of their own but they can still attract and hold other pins. If the homepage of a website has a PR, it passes to linked webpages and so on.

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