Warrior Forum: Glory Days Coming to an End?

Warrior Forum used to be the mecca of Internet marketing and online entrepreneurs. When I first came across the forum (www.warriorforum.com), it had a huge community and active users. A huge number of people could be found active on the forum at any point of the day. You could find a lot of people sharing honest ways of making money and willing to help others. Warrior Forum’s glory days seem to be over.

Today, 19 December of 2013, I see 83,012 users (guests and members) active on the forum. It is a huge number, but small when compared with the past. According to the forum stats found in its footer, most users ever online were 161,840 on 20 June 2013.

I must make it clear that Warrior Forum was a great help for me. I was able to generate a decent flow of income through freelance work as a web developer with WordPress as the mainstay. However, I have not been very active on the forum for last one year or so.

A few days ago I came across a blog post by Kevin Muldoon where he explains why he deleted his Warrior Forum account. He lists three points for the move.

  1. Too Many Sellers Pushing Garbage Products
  2. A Lot of Con Artists Hang Around the Forum
  3. Warrior Forum is Run by *******

I have no reason to disagree, except for the last part. I don’t want to take such a hard stand against the forum owners, but they do like to take sides of scam artists.

Last two years, when I was very active on the forum. It helped me get several freelance web development work. I was also able to learn a few things about Internet marketing on this forum. However, I was also a victim of fraud “Warrior Special Offers”, or WSOs. I soon realised that WSOs were, almost always, pure garbage. Some idiot would create a fine looking offer with tall claims and fake “proofs”, bring in a few testimonials from equally fraud members and then go on to have some members pretend as buyers to make it appear that a lot of people are buying and benefiting from the offer. In reality, it would be a big sham. I also know a member who can be found as a happy buyer endorsing almost all WSOs. That’s purely criminal.

Once I paid for a few garbage offers/products on the forum, I made it a point to check all the WSOs on a pirated file sharing site. What did I find? Not a single WSO that had any merit. Almost all of them shared the “secret sauce” that was already available for free on the Internet. Once a guy agreed to accept a payment only after he helped me use his method successfully to make money online. This expert went missing after on Skype chat.

Not long back, I pulled the plug of a WSO by dissecting each and every claim made in it. I gave all the facts and relevant proofs to accurately establish that the guy was nothing but a cheat.

For many people, WSOs were a way of generating money by selling dreams with false claims. Some experts were way ahead of others–with WSOs teaching others how to make easy money with WSOs.

How long could a pile of dirt successfully pretend to be a mountain? It started stinking soon. Honest people on the forum started realising how the forum was full of con-artists.

For a forum to be successful, it needs to be moderated and curated with utmost honesty to maintain quality. That seems to be missing on the forum. You cannot let people try to dupe others on your platform.

Forum moderators didn’t want the WSOs or false claims to go away. I guess it was a huge source of income for them. Whenever someone tried to point out con artists and false claims in WSOs or elsewhere on the forum, moderators always took stern action–not against the fraudster (he had paid top dollars), but against the person who dared to speak the truth.

In my entire span as an active member of Warrior Forum, I had never been very participative in the Internet Marketing forums. My extent of participation was limited to reading the posts by other members. Why?

Every time I participated in the Internet Marketing forums, I was sent a warning message and promptly suspended. I was always too vocal about truth. Once I learnt the fact that an honest voice was not welcome on the forum, I made it a point to restrict myself in web design forums. I used to help sort problems of people and used to attract some web development work. Despite knowing how Warrior Forum was a big mound of lies about making money online, I continued to remain active in sections where con-artists had nothing to do.

I won’t rule out Warrior Forum’s usefulness. You can still find people offering services and products without any false promises. I still use the forum for such services. However, I keep a safe distance from WSOs.

If Warrior Forum does not clean up the mess, I don’t see a great future for the platform. I guess it is time to have a more honest forum for Internet entrepreneurs (and not Internet marketers who made money with fake offers and products). So far I haven’t been able to find a single forum that serves as an honest substitute of Warrior Forum. A lot of people believe in ethical ways of making money. They don’t want to rip-off money from gullible buyers. I hope we will have a forum for such people soon. Maybe, I will start a free (both in terms of money and from con-artists) if we don’t get the right substitute in the near future. Stay safe on the Web!


  1. Thanks for referencing my article Pritam.

    It’s encouraging to see that more people are wakening up to the fact that Warrior Forum is not a good environment to be. Everyone who hangs out there has a story about being burned in some way. It’s unfortunate this is allowed to continue.