Spinning Money Through Review Websites

Spinning Money Through Review Websites

Making Money Through Review WebsitesCreating a useful website with the intent of making money online is not enough. You need to create a useful website in a profitable niche where your visitors are willing to buy the products that you promote and are not afraid to click on ads. What kind of websites generate good income?

Review websites, which provide information about products interspersed with relevant affiliate links, are considered a good niche for making money because most of your visitors are prospective buyers who want to get more information about a product before buying it. How would it be if you could find a niche with desperate buyers eager to try any solution that they think will solve their problem?

Health is one such evergreen niche which has a huge number of prospective customers. Someone might want to lose fat while other wants to gain mass. Some person might be looking for a cure to his ‘ringing ear’ while other might want a natural cure for arthritis.

Apart from health, you have review websites for electronic goods such as cellphones and cameras, paid computer applications and web hosting services. You can also have a website about beauty and mental health. Pet care is another popular niche.

Review websites have an edge over other websites. Let us assume you have a review website for products that help build body mass with one of the products being “Build Mass”. If someone lands on your website while looking for “Build Mass Review”, he has already heard about the product and is considering to buy it. But before that he wants to get some more information on the product. If you can assure the visitor about the quality of the product, the person may end up buying the product through your affiliate link. You earn a commission for each sale.

Doesn’t Google consider review sites crap?

No. Google has noting against review websites. It wants to show only websites with quality content in search results. Most of the review websites are full of scraped content with meaning less or duplicate content. Google, of course, hates such sites.

When you create a review website, it should provide useful information and honest reviews to the visitors. It should include pictures and videos of the products. Adding a product demo video will also facilitate the visitors in arriving at a conclusion. Instead of scraping content, provide useful information which helps them take a more informed decision. Of course, you need to also give your visitors the option to buy the product through your website or affiliate links.

How to create a money-spinning review website?

A good review website is not hard to create. Just following the tips offered by real-life Internet marketers who have been successful in making money with review websites.

1. Add quality content with images and videos

An Internet marketer started a review website six months ago and wrote several quick reviews in the first month. Most of these ranked poorly, so he left the website alone for the next three months. After getting motivated by other successful Internet marketers, he started adding at least two detailed reviews with images and videos each week. Now, the website’s search rankings have improved dramatically and it is getting a lot more traffic now. The website, which has around 50 reviews, is averaging $35 a day in Amazon commissions.

2. Be honest in your product reviews

Many Internet marketers create fake reviews and comments to make sales. Our guy did a lot of research for his reviews, and tried to be as honest as possible. Most reviews out there are suspiciously positive in their attempt to make the affiliate sale. This hampers the credibility of your reviews and the website.

3. Provide more than just product reviews

A good product review website is not just about articles which talk about the features of various products. It has to provide value to your visitors. If you have a review site that just lists products, your website might not make a lot of sales conversions.

However, if your review website targets a specific niche and offers a lot of niche-related content along with reviews of the popular products in the niche, you will make more sale and the website will be more profitable.

Conclusion: Provide value to your visitors by through honest reviews, relevant articles and tips. Don’t forget to add images and videos to your reviews and articles.


  1. You are right in that Google does not consider review sites crap. What is crap is when people just copy and paste product descriptions from other websites and call it a review. A good review can get conversions.

  2. Have to add quality content images and videos on here :)