Real Estate: Alternative to Online Income

Got some money to invest? If it is a big amount, you are better off playing safe with more traditional investment avenues rather than investing in virtual real estate – online businesses. Making money isn’t easy. Making money online is equally difficult. Many people have failed with their online businesses. So if you have a neat pile of cash, you can consider one of these real estate.

1. Homes

Every one needs a home. With growing income levels and also urban migration, demand for value homes is going up. It is only set to increase in the coming times. Look for a good property and put your money in it. You get a rental income and also enjoy the benefit of property appreciation. Look at suburban locations. For instance, if you are living in Delhi, India, you can consider suburbs such as Faridabad, Ghaziabad.

2. Land

“Buy land. They don’t make it anymore.” It’s so true. Land is one of the most priciest component in a house in urban areas. The building  materials only cost a fraction. With ever expanding cities, you can consider buying land in peripheries and suburbs. You can develop them yourself or wait for city limits to engulf your land.

3. Offices

Globally, it’s not a booming economy right now. However, things won’t remain gloomy forever. You can invest in offices for a good rental income. Capital appreciation of offices might not be as good as that of houses. So these are ideal for someone looking more for a regular source of income.

4. Shops

Shops, being another commercial real estate like offices, offer a good opportunity to earn rental income. Shops at strategic high streets and malls are always in demand. Irrespective of online e-commerce boom, most brands need physical stores. So you can always hope to get tenants. Make sure to invest in good localities.


  1. Nice reading, even though coming from an online entrepreneur :-)

  2. I haven’t had a house. Although I’m 26 year old. I very sad about that. I’m trying working to buy a house before wedding.

  3. online business is really tough i agree. real estate is a good investment option today but it too involves a lot of financial hassles too. thanks.