1. Pritam, Its sad that PayPal closed your account. Nowadays they are becoming worse and particularly reacting to Indian accounts. Also the RBI issue made them to transfer funds within a week to our bank accounts. Thats Sucks.!
    My account also got locked before 3 months, I emailed them and no response. So I called them via my VOIP and got hold of an agent and got the issue resolved in minutes.
    My suggestion is to call them and ask what made them to think that the account is suspicious and security risk. Or suggest the agent to escalate the issue. Good Luck.

  2. I am seeing that you account showing limited access. My account was same conditions some days ago. There were a link how to remove limitations, I clicked and they told for re-verify debit/credit card. , but after some time it was resolved automatically.

    • Lucky you! My account did not show any link or option. When I called PayPal, they just closed my account. I intend to start a small campaign to attract PayPal’s attention. I hope you will support me.

  3. I have a restriction right now on my PayPal account because I have disputed a couple of items. Did they pay you your money that you had in your account? Right now, I don’t know of anything else in place of PayPal.

  4. This happens sooner or later with Paypal. One day they decide to close some accounts. It happenned to me, it happened to him, here and there. No 2 ways about it, it just happens for no good reason. But keep fighting back. Those who fight back get their accounts reinstated. It takes months but it works. Cheers

  5. How bizarre, your account transactions look perfectly normal.
    Had a problem with my account a few years ago, when selling alot on eBay.
    Lots of phone calls and lots of waiting, which is a major problem when your trying to make a living on eBay! It did eventually get put right, which was a relief.

    Have you got an update on this?
    Be interesting to find out what happened.

  6. Nigel Hill says:

    Paypal kept hold of £800 of MY MONEY because the told me my activity was suspicious. They kept it for months. Needless to say I no longer use Paypal – they cannot be trusted.