Improve WordPress Blog SEO With Insights Plugin

Improve WordPress Blog SEO With Insights Plugin

Backlinks from other websites are important for improving SEO and ranking higher on search engines. Everyone is so obsessed with backlinks that webmasters keep publishing articles with links to their websites on article farms such as Ezine and ArticleBase. Bloggers will write guest posts on popular blogs in their niche. Some will resort to buying links or using black hat SEO tactics.

In the quest to rank higher, the importance of interlinking articles/webpages of your own pages is often ignored. A link from another website is important, but internal links also improve SEO of the target page. It helps pass on Google juice from popular pages to other pages of the website. Creating a mesh of internal links also helps keep visitors engaged for longer period and reduce bounce rates.

Interlinking articles on a small website can be very simple, but what if you have a blog with hundreds of posts and/or multiple authors? You cannot possibly remember all of the posts that have been published till date. So how do you know if there is any possibility of adding internal links.

Improve WordPress Blog SEO With Insights Plugin

For WordPress, adding links from one blogpost/article to older ones can be made simple by using Insights WordPress Plugin. Once you install the WordPress plugin, you will find a new Insights box just below the main text edit area in posts or pages add/edit page. Enter the keywords and search all relevant articles published on your blog. Now, select the keywords in the article and click on the “link” icon next to the relevant article found in the search result to insert the link. Pretty simple, huh! You can also use the plugin to find relevant images, videos, Wikipedia articles and relevant pages from the Web.


  1. Hi Specky Geek,

    Your website is ridiculously good. I’m glad i’ve found it.

    This is a brilliant internal linking plugin. Its quite annoying having to hyperlink every mention of a specific blog post you have used previously so this is a god send to me.

    Thanks alot buddy.


  2. actually i looking for best plugin seo for wordpress, thanks, i guess this plugin will do MORE!, i will try it install now, thanks for information, i will back here if any problem found, sorry if my English bad.


  3. I am also using this Plugin. It has worked well for my Blog.

  4. Thank you for this very wonderful plugin. I’m pretty sure this will really help the improvement of my wordpress blog. Thanks again.

  5. I especially like that it helps you do the internal linking, rather than doing it itself. Plugins that attempt to be ‘hands off’ inevitably produce poor results.

  6. I’m looking for the best plugin for my WP website. Now i will try this one if it fits to what i want.

  7. Thank you for this plug in. I will try this one for my WP blog. I think this one is great!

  8. I’ve been trying to find an alternative plugin but no joy. Do you know any? because this hasn’t been updated in well over a year.

  9. I use to do this manually and it took me while to find a tool that can help me do this task faster. Insight is a great tool and I was really happy when my friend told ma about it.

  10. WordPress is really good for a blog and it also helps in making SEO friendly environment for your website blog. Backlinks from valuable websites are important for getting better ranking in search engine. The insights WordPress plugin can make backlinks very simple.

  11. WordPress is a popular free open source content management system. I think this SEO plugin will be good for your blog. You can also use the plugin to find relevant images, videos, Wikipedia articles and relevant pages from the Web.