Huge List of High PR Do-Follow Blogs For Building Backlinks

Huge List of High PR Do-Follow Blogs For Building Backlinks

List of Do-Follow Blogs For Building BacklinksDo-follow backlinks from authority websites are one of the most important factors that decide your Google Page Rank (PR), which in turn help you rank higher on search engines and get more visitors. One link from a high PR website can push your authority and PR ranking. A single do-follow backlink from PR8 can push your website up the authority ladder from zero to PR4. In contrast, you will need hundreds of backlinks from PR0 websites to get reach PR1. It is ideal to build backlinks from websites in the same niche or related categories for better results.

With a simple trick, you can find do-follow blogs to leave comments and build backlinks. Creating backlinks is not enough. You need backlinks from high authority websites. How do you find them? If you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, you can install Google toolbar which will tell you the PR of the website open in your browser. There are a few add-ons as well that will check authority of websites.

Even if you have a list of do-follow blogs, you will have to weed out hundreds of PR0 (no authority) blogs. Fast and enticing results come through backlinks from PR4 and higher websites. If you can get a couple of links from PR8 websites, you can be sure of a huge jump in your website’s authority or PR.

Here is a small list of 100 blogs with PR2-PR8 where you can leave comments and get do-follow link juice. There blogs are from different niches.

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As these blogs are from different niches, you will have to pick the ones that are in the same niche as your website. This means you will be left with far less number of blogs to comment on. How about a list of 100,000 do-follow blogs where you can leave comments and build backlinks to improve your SEO? Actually, this huge 10MB list has around of 150,000 entries with some repetitions. Use this list to grow your website and boost traffic and income.

Download list of high PR do-follow blogs for building backlinks

Do you want to know a simple trick that will push your website’s Page Rank from 0 to 4 in 3 months from one comment? Leave a comment on this page with your primary email address so that I can send you the secret formula.

As a lot of you seem to be interested in knowing the trick to boost your Page Rank, I am sharing it here. Find a Page Rank 8 or higher website or blog that allows do-follow comments and leverage it to build your backlinks. Which is a Page Rank 8 website that allows do-follow comments? One that I know is related with “Foreign Policy”.  :) All the best.


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    • Hi Donald,

      Both .edu and .gov are treated with better respect and authority, so backlinks from these sites give you an edge compared with a link from a site with equal Page Rank. If you keep building backlinks fom PR3-PR8 blogs, your ranking will go up fast.

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    Furthermore a post like this really gives a resource for the black hat world to go wild. You are providing high pr do follow blogs which I am sure will be abused by all those black hatters in the world.

    People will struggle to get links on these websites as I believe the website owners will be spammed to hell by all the black hat guys in the world.

    Good research just not going to have the desired affects.

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    The real issue is some of the forums they posted my links on had some very questionable material on them and now I can’t do anything about it.

    I recommend you stay away from “cheap back links” because it’ll probably hurt you more then help you.

    If you want quality back links do the work yourself, go and find communities that are actually similar to yours and provide them with as much value as you can instead of being spammy.

    I am very upset about my current experience and hope you avoid making the same mistake I did. I’ll be lucky if my sites don’t get unlisted.

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    • Hi Rich, This website’s Page Rank had dropped to 4 for while but it is back to PR5 now. I don’t really bother about PR as long as traffic is growing steadily. If you keep blogging and provide value to your readers, Google will eventually recognise it.

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