1. Even today I don’t have a Paypal account, anyway it’s an useful information for the future. Thank you!

  2. Yayyy…Congrats. You finally fought and got it. And thanks for the detailed Tut Paypal pro :-)

  3. Hi,
    My paypal has got permanently limited without any reason, any thing i can do with it. Although I had been given an option to withdraw all my money to my bank but all other options are closed, even i cannot close my paypal account..

  4. Seems like u are a good guy….good work…..u seem to be too good and honest….i have been reading articles on your site from 3 hours….good work bro… this internet world very few people are as transparent and real as u are.

  5. Yes Paypal is a great service specially for Indian to get money from Outside.

  6. Sherlogic says:

    Thanks for your sharing man, i hope PayPal restore my closed PayPal account. I never violate PayPal rule, but i got an email that my PayPal close :(

    I hope my PayPal can be restored :(

  7. Sherlogic says:

    By the way how you contact PayPal ? via email or phone man ? Please help me, because i need my PayPal account back.

  8. Me too, my account got limited with ridiculous reason. it’s only $55 left in my limited account but hey it’s mine!

  9. webmasterluxewebsites says:

    Paypal accused me to sell counterfeit goods when i am only selling authentic but second hand goods.

    How to provide evidence that they are wrong ?

    • Did you get in touch with PayPal about your issue? You can provide references of your other buyers who paid via PayPal. Provide them access to your sales page that mentions that your product is a used one. Thanks

      • Abhinit Dwived says:

        Hi Pritam,

        The similar closure of my paypal account has happened with me too. It was all verified. I was able to make withdrawals and one fine day, it got limited and when i provided all the required documents as asked by the customer care. a day later they decided to close it. I talked to the customer care again and they are not able to give any explanation, they told me that the nature of my business which is basically providing s/w services to my client online is the reason. Which made me laugh, because they have a purpose code themselves as “S/W Services” on paypal. Can i have your email id so that I can have a detailed exchange of emails with you regarding how to get it back, and how you got yours back.

        Thanks in advance,
        Abhinit Dwivedi

  10. Hi everyone! I went trough some nightmare too when Paypal closed my account in July, but after reading this blog I give a call to Paypal Assistance, talk with a very patient and comprehensive agent who took a look at my history and took time to see if there could be a way to solve…after 2 minutes she come back to me and say that since my good history with them(started from 2007)she would try to take a deeper look at my case and finally tell me that there was information in my preferences that was the source of the limitation of my account. In fact it ended up that someone did had access to my account(fraudulent) and put another physical and email address! So she reactivated my account and tell me that she understand the situation.

    P.S.: I was always polite and calm even when she first answered me that it was not possible to reactivate my account.

    Thank you PRITAM :)

  11. I used Paypal for receiving payments from my Voip website. When I used to get small payments, there was no problem. But my Paypal got limited when I got two payments of $900 in a week. I withdrew first payment to my Indian bank account. I gave withdrawal request for the second payment and the next day, it got limited. They asked me for invoice and shipping details. I informed them that its voip account and there is no shipping. I provided them 2 invoices which I created online. The buyer doesn’t complain or denied the delivery of voip accounts.
    But paypal never get convinced and they closed my account. My $800+ is still with them. Hope I will get it back after 180 days.
    Actually Paypal was the best way for me to collect payments from my clients. Don’t know what to do now. Will they allow me to open another account after 180 days?

    • Hey, You must try to contact the top officials of PayPal. Try sending a tweet to PayPal CEO. Give them the facts and the problem should be rectified if it is their fault. All the best.

  12. II sold some glasses on ebay that as far as I knew were real. One person however said they were fake and wanted there money back. I sent an email saying no problem please send the glasses back. I never got the glasses back so I did not return the money. Ebay favored the buyer and PayPal limited my account. I wish I had just paid the person there $55. Is it lost for good?