Duplicator: Free WordPress cloning plugin

Duplicator: Free WordPress cloning plugin

Web developers and bloggers often have to move their websites from one server to another. You might have switched to a new hosting service as the old one was slow or just too expensive. If you are a developer handling client websites, you might have create a test or demo website to get everything in place before putting it on the destination domain. Turn-key website vendors who offer ready-made websites also need to have an option to easily clone their product websites on customers’ servers.

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Whatever the reason,you can transfer your WordPress websites in three easy steps, thank to Duplicator. You can use it to migrate your website from one server location to another or create clones as backups.

Duplicator: Free WordPress cloning plugin

The Duplicator WordPress plugin backs up all your files and database with just 1 click. It is designed to provide WordPress administrators the ability to migrate a site from one server to another in 3 steps—create a package, download it and install. With this plugin, you do not need to change your settings, work with MySQL queries or run import/export scripts.

If you need to clone, duplicate or template a WordPress website, this plugin can be used to crate multiple websites rapidly.

Developers will find this tool great for replicating a live site on their local machine for working on the site without having to risk tampering with the active site. It also works great for developing locally and then transferring it to a live server.

However, it is important to back up your files and database before using the plugin. Use the backup option available on your web hosting cPanel (control panel). This way you eliminate the slightest risk of damage due to malfunctioning.

WordPress Repository URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/duplicator/

Plugin Website: http://lifeinthegrid.com


  1. good one there. importing scripts proves hectic otherwise. thanks