Track Outbound Links & Find When Users Click Links to Leave Site

Track Outbound Links & Find When Users Click Links to Leave Site

Interested in tracking outbound links on your website to other websites and find out which links are the most popular ones? Tracking outbound links on your websites can be very useful for assessing the impact of your outbound links and also track effectiveness of your referral links, especially if you are into affiliate marketing to promote products/services for commissions.Directory websites with a lot of outbound links would also benefit if they know which links are the most popular among its visitors/readers.You can easily track outbound links with different online services, including Google URL Shortener - URL Shortener - You can use URL shorteners such as for a quick and dirty solution to track how many … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Online through Internet Business?

How to Make Money Online through Internet Business?

How to make money online on the Internet without any investment? Are you interested in making money online? Need online income for extra income from home? If you are looking for some additional income or even a full-time income, try online businesses such as creating websites or offering web design servicces. For most of us, jobs are necessity as we need money for sustenance and meeting our expenses. It is not the most ideal way of life (unless you enjoy your job and get paid well). If we had resources to live a life without the fear of a monetary crisis, we might have quit our jobs to pursue other things.If you are able to achieve financial freedom without having to work for a job which requires you to work more than 40 hours a week, … [Read more...]

Warrior Forum: Glory Days Coming to an End?

Warrior Forum used to be the mecca of Internet marketing and online entrepreneurs. When I first came across the forum (, it had a huge community and active users. A huge number of people could be found active on the forum at any point of the day. You could find a lot of people sharing honest ways of making money and willing to help others. Warrior Forum's glory days seem to be over.Today, 19 December of 2013, I see 83,012 users (guests and members) active on the forum. It is a huge number, but small when compared with the past. According to the forum stats found in its footer, most users ever online were 161,840 on 20 June 2013.I must make it clear that Warrior Forum was a great help for me. I was able to … [Read more...]

Real Estate: Alternative to Online Income

Got some money to invest? If it is a big amount, you are better off playing safe with more traditional investment avenues rather than investing in virtual real estate - online businesses. Making money isn't easy. Making money online is equally difficult. Many people have failed with their online businesses. So if you have a neat pile of cash, you can consider one of these real estate. 1. Homes Every one needs a home. With growing income levels and also urban migration, demand for value homes is going up. It is only set to increase in the coming times. Look for a good property and put your money in it. You get a rental income and also enjoy the benefit of property appreciation. Look at suburban locations. For instance, if you are living in … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Small Business Websites

Back in the early days of the internet, new websites would have to be hand crafted from scratch – there were no pre-built platforms available. Nowadays, businesses are spoilt for choice with a wide variety of platforms and frameworks that can be used as scaffolding – you may already be aware of systems such as Wordpress, Joomla or Magento. Wordpress started life as a simple platform where people could post web logs, or ‘blogs’, about the topic of their choice. As with most things, many years and much development later, some people still insist on using Wordpress to show what they had for breakfast or their latest hairstyle, but others have turned it into a very capable platform for building serious business websites – here’s why: 1) Easy … [Read more...]

Content Marketing on a Budget

There are several types of equity when it comes to producing anything; time, money and talent. You only need a combination of two of these things to produce good content, and if you have all three you’ll hit gold. Every content marketing strategy should have a budget, regardless of the size. So whether you’re on a time, money or talent budget, there are ways of getting around them to make sure that your content marketing gets done. Time Budgeting If you have money and talent, but no time, then you need to cut down on how long you spend on something, and manage your time better. Your content strategy should be an ongoing one, rather than limited. Therefore you must allocate a certain amount of time per week or per month for your content … [Read more...]

Big List of High PR Backlinks via Auto-approve Comments

Today, I found a good list of blogs where you can leave comments for some backlink love automatically. Though most of the backlinks would be no-follow, all of these will get approved automatically. No waiting for moderation. You will have to register with most of the websites before leaving a comment.This list of auto-approve commenting blogs should come handy for those looking to build high Page Rank backlinks through comments. Don't worry about the links being "no-follow". You will get some benefit anyway. Here goes the list.PR8 — PR7 — PR7 — PR7 — PR7 — PR6 — PR6 — … [Read more...]

How Not to Get Cheated on Flippa?

How Not to Get Cheated on Flippa? is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling websites. I have used it successfully (sometimes unsuccessfully) to sell websites. Flippa allows your to present your website to hundreds of prospective buyers. It's the awesomest platform for selling websites. You can add verified AdSense revenue and Google Analytics traffic details. It really helps when you know the verified actual traffic and ad revenue. So why do I say that you should not buy websites on Flippa? Scammers On Prawl The marketplace gets lots of listing for websites--new and old--available for sale. If you are new to buying and selling websites, it is easy to get scammed. You must know how to scrutinize websites and find the facts rather than relying on … [Read more...]

10 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketing

10 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketing

WordPress, beyond any doubt, is the first choice for creating websites by internet marketers or bloggers. As we all know, it is important to have the WordPress website set up properly so that you get the maximum exposure and benefit from the traffic that comes to your site.A good website or blog will focus on engaging its audience via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Internet marketing requires you to bring in more people to your email marketing list. Here are some cool WordPress plugins to set up Facebook, newsletters and email sign-up forms via lightbox pop-ups. Optin Revolution: WordPress PopupOptin Revolution Lite is a WordPress popup plugin is quite possibly the best way in the world for you to create supercharged … [Read more...]

How Coupons Help Increase Online Sales?

When in Rome, act Roman, and when in India, act Indian. The Indian habit to demand discount is well known and condemned by all. But surprisingly, no one seems to mind; instead, everyone is hoping that this habit continues. Indians are getting their discounts, even before they have asked for it!Coupons were probably created for Indians. In a nation of qualified hagglers where a discount is as important as a salary, coupons were a hit from the very beginning. This coupon mantra has been applied to India's 70 thousand crore e-commerce market and it has been able to convince the hesitant Indian to make a purchase online. The image of a new future, where online coupons will completely substitute paper coupons and e-commerce will be the new … [Read more...]