How to Make Money Online through Internet Business?

How to Make Money Online through Internet Business?

When you know how to make money—whether offline or online—the road to financial freedom and quiting your job becomes a possibility. Starting an online venture is easy and quick. You can set up your online business/project in less than a few minutes and make money online.

Warrior Forum: Glory Days Coming to an End?

Warrior Forum used to be the mecca of Internet marketing and online entrepreneurs. When I first can across the forum (, it had a huge community and active users. A huge number of people could be found active on the forum at any point of the day. Warrior Forum’s glory days seem to be over.

Real Estate: Alternative to Online Income

Got some money to invest? If it is a big amount, you are better off playing safe with more traditional investment avenues rather than investing in virtual real estate – online businesses. Making money isn’t easy. Making money online is equally difficult. Many people have failed with their online businesses. So if you have a neat pile of cash, you can consider one of these real estate.

10 Reasons to Use WordPress For Small Business Websites

Wordpress started life as a simple platform where people could post web logs, or ‘blogs’, about the topic of their choice. As with most things, many years and much development later, some people still insist on using Wordpress to show what they had for breakfast or their latest hairstyle, but others have turned it into a very capable platform for building serious business websites – here’s why:

Content Marketing on a Budget

Every content marketing strategy should have a budget, regardless of the size. So whether you’re on a time, money or talent budget, there are ways of getting around them to make sure that your content marketing gets done.

Big List of High PR Backlinks via Auto-approve Comments

This list of auto-approve commenting blogs should come handy for those looking to build high Page Rank backlinks through comments. Don’t worry about the links being “no-follow”. You will get some benefit anyway. Here goes the list.

How Not to Get Cheated on Flippa?

How Not to Get Cheated on Flippa? is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling websites. If you are new to buying and selling websites, it is easy to get scammed on marketplaces such as Flippa. You must know how to scrutinize websites and find the facts rather than relying on numbers provided by sellers.

10 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketing

10 WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketing

A good website or blog will focus on engaging its audience via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Internet marketing requires you to bring in more people to your email marketing list. Here are some cool WordPress plugins to set up Facebook, newsletters and email sign-up forms via lightbox pop-ups.

How Coupons Help Increase Online Sales?

Coupons were probably created for Indians. In a nation of qualified hagglers where a discount is as important as a salary, coupons were a hit from the very beginning. This coupon mantra has been applied to India’s 70 thousand crore e-commerce market and it has been able to convince the hesitant Indian to make a purchase online.

Why freelancing websites suck

Why freelancing websites suck

Freelacing websites are often cited as great source for acquiring new projects and clients for individuals and agencies. My experience has not been great with such freelancing websites. Am I a failure as a freelancer? No, not at all. I get enough work to keep me busy without having to make much of an effort.