BlogSpot Vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform to Choose

BlogSpot Vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform to Choose

Not able to choose the winner in the WordPress versus Blogger BlogSpot comparison? WordPress and BlogSpot (Blogger) are two most popular blogging platforms. If you are just starting to explore the profitable world of blogging, you might be wondering which one to pick.

Blogging is highly rewarding, but only after you have established yourself as an expert in your domain. In the first few months, your blog will take up a lot of time and some money.

WordPress is the Big Daddy of the blogosphere. It’s also one of the most popular CMS (content management system). WordPress offers both free and paid blogging platform on, but it is the self-hosted that is the most popular version of WordPress.

Free blog: If you plan to use the free version of, you will have very limited control over the blog. The choice of themes will be just a handful and you might not find the best themes there. Also, the list plug-ins available will also be small. This means you will not be able to add various desired functions or features in your blog. A free blog on is not suitable for those who want to make money by placing ads (Adsense, BuysellAds, Yahoo Publisher Network, etc.) on their blogs.

Self-hosted blog: WordPress provides you the blogging platform application/software for free. You can download and host it on your on web hosting server. This will require you to buy a domain name and web hosting from companies like GoDaddy. It will cost up to $100 to buy web hosting, domain and a premium WordPress theme for your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Is it worth spending $100  to get your self-hosted WordPress blog up and running? I know $100 is a significant amount for most of us, but you will be investing a lot of time working on your blog. The value of your hard work will be several times the $100 required to get a self-hosted WordPress blog. If you keep blogging without a good platform with complete control, you might miss a lot of opportunities to make money, thousands of dollars a month.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the biggest source of visitors for blogs. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for better ranking in search results. With WordPress SEO plugins, it is very easy to do this.

With WordPress, you have better control over your blog as you own it. This is missing with BlogSpot or Blogger.

Free BlogSpot blog: Being easy and free to use, BlogSpot hosts most of the blogs on the Internet. You just go to and get registered. As simple as that.No need to pay for hosting. You can also add your own custom domain with BlogSpot blog and make it look like a professional website or blog.

A BlogSpot blog allows you to edit your template or use any of the free templates available on the Internet. Unlike free blog, it also allow you to display Google AdSense ads.

Despite the ability to change your theme and show ads, you still don’t own the blog. You own you domain name, though.

The biggest problem with Blogger is search engine optimization. You don’t have the right meta description and keyword tags. This severely curtails your ability to compete with other bloggers in your niche.

If you are really short on cash, a free BlogSpot blog is the winner in this Blogger vs WordPress comparision analysis. I would suggest you go for a BlogSpot blog with custom domain name. This will allow you to start blogging with an investment of just a few dollars. When your blog grows and you start making money, move to a self-shosted WordPress blog. If you have enough money to invest, get your own domain name and web hosting to set up your self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now it’s your time to pick the winner of Blogger vs WordPress game. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to work hard and keep blogging with patience. Discipline and perseverance is the key to successful blogging.


  1. Blogger platform is not a bad choice but I think WordPress is better in this battle. It allows you to customize and turn your blog into many portal beyond a normal blog. However, if you cannot afford to build your self-host blog based on WP, Blogger is still a good deal to start your blogging trip.

  2. You say that bloggers problem is keywords etc. I googled altering the html template which allows you to put meta in. Does this correct the problem?

  3. Blogger have its own uniqueness and the updates are not bad at all but I prefer wordpress which makes everything so much user friendly and this also make it more obvious for bloggers to choose wordpress. Setting up a wordpress blog may be a costly affair but being able to get own domain name and self host is excellent.

  4. I Agree WordPress is a best platform for Bloggging, but we have to give the next preference to blogger. because Blogger adjust some setting automatically (example: blogger rewrite Url to seo friendly Url) and also for photos that we are using in blogger.

  5. i prefer wordpress because many plugin can improve SERP my website

  6. I neverused wordpress to be honest i am using blogger from a long time its seo is also good and google rank blogspot very well so i think blogger is good

  7. I agree that WordPress is not fully prepared as a CMS out of the box as Joomla and Drupal is. However, with a range of plugins, it is possible to customize and make a pretty flexible and solid CMS.
    Personally, it is one of the reasons I always turn to WordPress. WordPress is not as .. complex.. as Joomla, Drupal or similar, but you can expand on the base installation with a few plugins, and voila.

  8. Angie Wink says:

    I have had several blogs on WordPress, and have been shut out of every one of them. If I turn my computer off, or have trouble with the computer, and try to log in again, such as is my situation now, I am blocked out of it. They will not accept my password, I reset my password and they do not accept the reset passwords. I paid for my blog, and lost the money, so I will not use that one again. I have won 25 awards for my blog and lost them all, because lightening struck my computer, I had to replace it, and now cannot get back into my paid for blog. They still have my email address on file, but refuse to accept my password. They are NOT the best blog on the Internet in my opinion. I had a lot of followers there, and I know it won’t be easy to set up a new blog on a new site, but I’ve given up on WordPress. I will visit one of my friends one more time to let him know when I change to a new site, so he can let my followers know where I am if any of them want to continue to follow me, but I’ll never try to set up another blog on that site again. I paid for 2 attempts, tried 3 free times, lost them all. I’ve tried to contact support at that site, and they never get in touch with me, so my opinion there, if anyone Is interested, is that they have outgrown themselves, and no longer care about the people who use the site.