Awesome Free Blogger Template

Awesome Free Blogger Template

Awesome Free Blogger Template

Awesome is a clean, minimalist and, most importantly, a free blogger template. Its elegance and simplicity make it ideally suitable for personal blogs. However, you can use it for any kind of blog due to its premium-like style. I’ve used custom fonts (thanks to and some amazing CSS3 properties to give it the smooth look that it has.

Awesome Free Blogger Template | Demo

The design uses only one image (in the navigation bar) and the site loads very fast. Also, editing the template is very easy if you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The SEO part has been taken care of and the template works well in all the modern browsers and there are hardly any inconsistencies in it if viewed in an old browser.

How to Upload the Template

First unzip the template archive and save the template XML file at any desired location. Log in to your Blogger account. Click on the “Design” link below your blog’s name. Now, go to the “Edit HTML” tab and upload the design XML template. Remember to backup your active theme before uploading the new one by downloading the template.

How to Edit the Navigation bar

To edit the navigation bar go to “Design” from your dashboard. In the “Header Menu” component (it’s a link list), add your own links. Don’t add homepage URL. It is shown by default.

How to Edit Meta Tags?

The template has dummy meta tags such as Title, Description and Keywords. Open the template in any text editor and look for the ones which say “Customize This”. Make the appropriate changes.

Awesome Free Blogger Template | Demo


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