WordPress AdSense Plugin for Higher Clickthrough Rate, Earning

WordPress AdSense Plugin for Higher Clickthrough Rate, Earning

AdSense is undisputedly the best monetization method for most small- to mid-sized websites. It’s very reliable and steady source of income. When using AdSense ads, placement and presentation is the key factor that decides how much you earn. Ads placed inline with the content works the best in most cases. So the best option is the place your ads at the beginning, the middle and the end of the post. How to place ads in between the post content in WordPress websites?

You can use WordPress plugins that allow you to insert ads using shortcodes, but this can be a pain inserting shortcodes in each and every posts. Also, you end up with obsolete shortcodes in your posts when you move to some other plugin.

WARNING: Adsense Extreme randomly and discreetly injects ads from the plugin author’s Adsense id without informing you. This means the plugin is taking away ad space and, eventually, money from your website. So, it is better to stay away from this plugin until this issue prevails. The plugin has managed to get into the WordPress repository. It should be suspended immediately.

AdSense Extreme is a fantastic plugin that allows you to insert ads in your WordPress websites. It allows you to add AdSense advertisements at the beginning, the end and the middle of the post content. You can set display of ads based on word count. It also allows you to add AdSense in sidebar widget. Adsense Extreme automatically insert and optimize Google Adsense ads for increase your profits. You can add as many ad solts as possible, but this AdSense plugin also ensures that only three ads are shown at any time. The placement of ads is optimized for better performance and earnings.

As your ads are shown inline, the chances of ads being noticed and clicked increases. So you end up making more money with increased clickthrough rate for your ads.

When you use the “Advanced” option of the plugin, it allows you to disable ads on specific pages or show ads only on specific pages/posts. You can also customized the display and colour scheme of ad blocks so that these blend in your website design for high performance.

So if you are using AdSense to monetize your website, AdSense Extreme is a must plugin for all WordPress websites and blogs. Do you know about any other WordPress plugins that allow you to have full control over displaying ads.


  1. Adsense is one of the fantastic plugins that will allows you to insert ads in the word press sites. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)

  2. I have already use an adsense plugin, and it’s work pretty good. But I find it difficult to display ads on index page only. When I insert my ads code into a widget, it would be appear on every pages.

    Is there any option on Adsense Extreme to do this?

  3. Yes Pritam is right there are several plugins which will affect your website so it is my suggestion to run a virus check online and take suggestion from friends or users of the plugin !