Add a Contact Form in WordPress

Add a Contact Form in WordPress

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPressAdding a contact form in WordPress is pretty simple. You can use Fast Secure Contact Form or  Contact Form 7,  free WordPress plugins that can be used to add contact forms just anywhere in your WordPress site–in posts, pages or sidebar widgets.

How to add contact form?

  1. Install Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.
  2. Customize the settings of the contact form.
  3. Add the shortcode given by the plugin in the post, page or widget.
  4. The short-code is to be pasted in the visual mode of the text box, and not in the HTML mode.

In the code, the number represents the contact form id number as given by the plugin. You can add multiple contact forms in your site.

Are you not getting mails from your contact form in WordPress? If Contact Form 7 is not sending mails in WordPress, it might be happening because some web hosts only allow sending emails from accounts linked to the hosted domain name. For example, if your site is, you will be able to send emails only as or or something like that.

Contact Form 7 has an option to force sending emails as any email address linked to the hosted domain. Just tick that check box and add your email id of that domain. Don’t have an email id? You can use Google Apps to create your personal emails ids for a domain.

Here’s how to install a WordPress plugin, just in case you don’t know it already.

  1. Download the plugin and extract the content of the ZIP file.
  2. You will now have a folder with the same name.
  3. Using FTP client such as Filezilla, upload the entire folder the “wp-content/plugins” folder.
  4. The “wp-content” folder is found in the WordPress folder.
  5. You will need FTP login details for being able to transfer the folder to your site.
  6. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins, and activate the plugin.

An alternative method is to install a new plugin from the dashboard itself. You can go to the plugins dashboard page and search for the relevant plugin. Once located, click on install. You might be asked to supply your FTP login details. Once installed, activate the plugin.

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