About Us

Specky Geek delivers useful tips on blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), WordPress and making money online.

Specky Geek is written by tech enthusiasts who have been exposed to the Internet and online entrepreneurship for quite some time. They share their own success and failures with you through this blog. Use their experience to learn new things and avoid mistakes.

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Pritam (@ Specky Geek)

Not your regular tech guy. He uses Ubuntu, loves open source applications and enjoys sharing his discoveries with others. If you ever meet him, you will know he never spares an opportunity to get involved in solving any sort of tech issue, even if he is not invited. He loves designing WordPress themes and is learning to make money online. You can follow him on Twitter at @pphans and mail him at pritam [at] speckygeek.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who own this blog?

Specky Geek was started by Pritam in August 2010 after mild success (or failure) of  his old blog.

What happened to Specky Geek’s old blog?

He sold the old blog in December 2010 through an auction of Flippa for $1,100 after letting it rot for months. However, the Page Rank of the blog didn’t suffer despite not being update since May 2010. In December 2010, it had Page Rank 4, which improved to 5 in January 2011.

Does Specky Geek make money?

It has helped earn a pretty decent amount of money in the past few months through free WordPress themes and WordPress services. However, the blog itself hasn’t earned a penny has earned some money.