10 Fantastic Free WordPress Themes

10 Fantastic Free WordPress Themes

Design is one important aspect of successful blogging. Most popular bloggers have their customized designs that makes their blogs attractive and promote readership. However, you need not spend huge amount of money on getting a custom design for your blog. You can find plenty of high-quality themes for free.

If you are serious about blogging, you will most likely use WorPress with your own hosting and domain. It gives you full control on your blog or website and can be customized to do almost anything. WordPress’ ever-growing popularity means that there is a huge community of developers and designers working on plugins and themes. You can find some good themes and plugins in WordPress repository.

We present to you a collection of some fantastic and useful WordPress themes that will give your blog a facelift.

Shaken Grid

Shaken Stirred WordPress Theme

Shaken Grid | Demo

Shaken Grid is perfect for a gallery/portfolio website. This WordPress theme uses the jQuery Masonry plugin which arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid.


Boldy WordPress Theme

Boldy | Demo

Boldy is a high-quality WordPress theme with an image slider on the homepage.

Blissful Blog

Blissful Blog WordPress Theme

Blissful Blog | Demo

Though this WordPress theme has been designed for wedding sites or blogs, you can use it for various other blogs. All that you need is some imagination (and maybe some plugins).


Skeptical WordPress Theme

Skeptical | Demo

Skeptical has a flexible layout. A clean layout with large images makes the blog design stand out. You can easily customize it to your own preferences.


Aparatus WordPress Theme

Aparatus | Demo

Aparatus is a magazine theme with big title and gallery. It comes with a Mootools slideshow in the home page.


Obscure WordPress Theme

Obscure | Demo

A dark magazine wordpress theme suitable for any nitche and community-based sites. You would love it if you are an Internet marketer.


NewsPress WordPress Theme

NewsPress | Demo


Reptile WordPress Theme

Reptile |

Reptile is a plain and simple WordPress theme framework. The white and grey combination looks fantastic. Perfect for a no-non-sense blog or site. It comes bundled with a free child theme as well.

The Ideal Website

The Ideal Website WordPress Theme

The Ideal Website | Demo

The Ideal Website is designed to fit Fibonacci’s Golden Section – otherwise known as the divine proportions. These measurements are said to be the most pleasing to the eye, and have been widely used for everything from judging beauty of a face, to the design of bank notes.

The Morning After

The Morning After WordPress Theme

The Morning After | Demo

It is a clean and minimal magazine theme with lots of white space. Creative use of images makes the WordPress theme outstanding. Great pick if you want to start a newsy site or community blog.

Bonus: Specky Geek’s WordPress themesJenny, Shaan and Undedicated—are some great themes as well. Of these, Jenny has done exceptionally well. Don’t foreget to check them out!


  1. CoolCookie says:

    Impressive and very helpful. Thanks, Specky Geek

  2. Ola! Pritam,
    Thanks for your thoughts, Another feature you should look for in a premium WordPress theme is the ability to build navigation menus where you want them to be. A good premium theme that you hand over some hard earned money for should give you a lot of choices that are really easy to put into play.
    Great Job!

  3. great collection, also add some photolog themes too…

  4. Here is a theme layout tip for everyone that will help you rank better in Google!

    Google has made a change and now wants websites to display more content “above the fold”. This means that when someone goes to a web page of yours they should see content related to the web page and not a ton of ads!

    If you have an ad make sure you wrap the text around it so the reader (and Google) can easily see that the web page is what the reader is looking for!


  5. Thank you for taking time to compile the list of free WordPress themes. Aparatus looks very stylish and professional.